Monday, July 16, 2012

Traincase Overall ~

HELLO everyone :)

Since the name of my blog is "oh my traincase", I figured that it will not be fair for you guys if I started writing in this blog without giving any sneak peak of my traincase.. :p 

My traincase is a messy one, so many stuffs in it that sometimes when I am in a hurry, I will just throw stuffs there. It is frustrating to get my traincase to be neat all the time, sometimes it is even so full it can't be closed properly! :D

Currently I owned 3 kinds of traincase. The first one is this one that I'm about to post. The second one is the smaller one, it's purple (my favorite color) so cute! But it doesn't fit anymore so the purple one I only use it sometimes for traveling. The last one is very small, a lil' bit bigger than a jewelry box, it's pink, and the inner part is covered with butterfly pattern. It is so cuteee ^^

So no further ado, here's the picture ^^

So can you spot what's in them? Share me the picture of your traincase too! :) :)

So enjoy reading OH MY TRAINCASE! 


marsha dellaneira barin said...

uwaa banyaknyaa XD mauuuuu :P wkwkwkw

Jessica Gunawan said...

@marsha: hahaha pasti kamu juga ga kalah banyaknya :p

marsha dellaneira barin said...

eeh engga tau kak-..- ga sebanyak ituu~~ :P hehehehe kirim-kirim kak.. wkwkwkwkw

Jessica Gunawan said...

@marsha: iya nih aku tar mau ngadain giveaway.. ikut yaaa :*

marsha dellaneira barin said...

asiikk.. hehehe ditunggu :D

Ephong said...

bagi traincasenya satu chikaak.. :p

Jessica Gunawan said...

@epakkk: ahh epakk kamu ga pake traincase juga make upnya lebi banyak dari aku.. ya kan ya kan ya kan.. ngakuu.. *kelitikin eva* :p

Stefanny Handaya said...

Waahh.. Lg hunting traincase niii.. Klo bole tau foto yg pertama itu beli dmana traincasenya? And kira2 brp pricenyaa? Thx :))

Jessica Gunawan said...

@stefanny: yang pertama ini belinya di ace hardware.. harganya waktu tu sale jd 300an kl aku ga salah inget :p HTH yaa :)

Stefanny Handaya said...

Jess: thanks yaa jess infonya.. hihiyy.. bener2 lagi hunting traincase nii.. secaraaa traincase aku dahhh lamaaaa skali.. hahaha ;)

oo yaa.. mampir2 dong ke blog aku.. ;) haha skalian promo blog sdiri.. ;p abis blog aku gersang nih.. hik.. thx :)

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