Friday, July 20, 2012

Review: Cargo Catalina, Shu Uemura M Pink 33E and The Balm DownBoy. Alike, but not alike! ♥

Alike but not alike! Serupa tapi tak sama! There it goes. A sentence that describe these blushes well. The 3 blushes that I'm going to be reviewing today are at the top of my favorite blush, not to mention that I am crazy about pink blushes, so crazy that all the blushes' color that I owned are similar to one another! Oh no, that's not good, isn't it? I figured. Hahaha..

So the blushes that I'm gonna be reviewing today are:
- Cargo Blush, shade: Catalina. 8.9 gram. $29. You can find this at, I ordered mine from that website. 
- Shu Uemura Glow on Blush, shade: M Pink 33E. 4 gram. (Sorry I forgot the price, I bough it in the counter :p)
- The Balm Blush, shade: DownBoy. 8.5 gram. $21. You can find this at or, I ordered mine from Sephora. 

Here's how they look like:
Cargo Catalina-Shu M Pink 33E-The Balm DownBoy
Sooooo pretty isn't it? :)

The Balm DownBoy-Shu M Pink 33E-Cargo Catalina
Cargo Catalina-The Balm DownBoy

Compared all of the three blush, here's the winner for some aspects:
Based on the TEXTURE OF THE BLUSH the winner is: Cargo Catalina
Based on the PIGMENTATION OF THE BLUSH the winner is: The Balm DownBoy
But based on the color, the favorite one in my heart is the Shu Uemura M Pink 33E, it's the perfect pink  for daily use :)

wearing Shu Uemura M Pink 33E :)
wearing The Balm DownBoy

I'm sorry for some reason I can't find my photo wearing Cargo Catalina.. ;) Oh yaa and for the reference my skin tone is yellow undertone and it is NC 30 wearing M.A.C foundation whatsoever :)

I hope my review was helpful for you to decide what blush on are you going to buy ;)

So enjoy reading OH MY TRAINCASE! 


pwincess bebe said...

aaa im in love with the balm down boy. pink nya cantik sekali

Jessica Gunawan said...

@pwincess bebe: setuju! down boyyy cantikkk agak purple gtuu.. tp di pipi is so flattering :) ayoo beli :p
btw i followed ur blog, please do follow mine :p

Ephong said...

Downboy emang cakep ya chik, my fav pink blush sekarang tuh.. Dan masih penasaran sama catalina.. :p

Jessica Gunawan said...

@ephong: totally agree! km kok ga jd2 pesen catalina bagaimana inih? hahaha.. catalina lebih ga ungu dr downboy.. jd lebi seger di pipi :p

Ephong said...

Kemaren pas beauty sale kelamaan mikir mau beli apaan chiikk,, tau2 uda tutup.. hahahaha.. ntar nunggu ada beauty sale lagi ajaa, ga rela beli full price.. :D

Shaling said...

I followed your blog :) Follow mine too so we could exchange thoughts and comments ♥

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