Thursday, July 12, 2012

So here it goes...♥

I myself have been wanting to have my own blog since like forever, but because of stuffs here and there, the intention has been delayed on and on and on :D I do own a blog previously but I think that blog has been swallowed by the world of massive internet (du-uh) a.k.a I lost the password and I even forgot the name of the blog itself. So here it is . . . :)

Since the fondness of me towards my make-up traincase (and everything in it) keeps getting wilder and wilder, I was hoping this blog can be a blog where I could share what I like to people that share the same interests with me, and to give some reviews of some particular products, as well as sharing cutie lovely appealing make up products and also other stuffs that I am currently loving! 

Before I went further though, there is this one thing I wanted to say.  I am not a professional beauty blogger, nor a professional make up artists. So, accept my early apologies and I hope that I will improve as time goes by. :)

So enjoy reading OH MY TRAINCASE! 


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